How to Tan Faster and Darker Outside Without Burning

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Tanned skin is in trend today! If you have a tanned body, there may be people stalking you on your social media platforms to learn tricks and tips from you.

Tanning by sun exposure is not the ideal way to get a tan. Overexposure to the harmful UV rays invites many risks, skin cancer being one of them. Thus, it is crucial to find other ways on how to tan faster and darker outside without burning your skin.

This blog has got you all covered with the quick tips to follow to get a darker tan faster. Read on to find out!

How to Get a Darker Tan Quickly in The Sun Without Burning

Today, with a want-it-all attitude, you aspire for a lot of things despite the busy schedule. One of them is how to get tanned skin to look more attractive. Here are seven tips to help you with your search all in one spot.

1. Exfoliation – Prepare for A Darker Tan

Exfoliation helps get rid of the dead skin cells in your body. Exfoliating should be a part of your weekly skincare routine. It is even more necessary if you are a tanner. Without exfoliating, the dead cells might block the way of the sun rays to penetrate deeper layers. This might weaken your tan.

Exfoliate your skin weekly by gently rubbing over it to remove the dead skin cells before tanning. However, make sure that you don’t put too much pressure while scrubbing. That might lead to skin sensitivity or irritation.

2. Tan Using Sea Water

If you can, you should make time to go to the beach, take a dip into the ocean, and rest on the beach to tan. Doing this boosts your skin complexion. Sea salt attracts the sunrays deep into your skin. If you have tried this already, ensure that you relax to tan your skin before your body dries off.

Along with the salt, seawater also has other valuable minerals that help trigger the tan.

3. Tanning In Reflection

Swimming or simply lying in the pool is a helpful tip for tanning. While you’re in the water, it reflects the sun’s rays and helps them penetrate through your skin easily. The UV rays jump off the water and to your skin, resulting in a faster tan.

Alternatively, you can also sit on the beach and let the sand reflect the sun’s rays to your skin. So grab your towel and go get tanned!

Typically, you can also use reflective sheets to get those rays directed to your way for tanning faster and deeper. However, this method is better effective if you already have a tan base.

4. Apply SPF 30 for A Sunscreen

A sunscreen lotion with a broader UV protection spectrum of SPF 30 at the least is essential. Wear sunscreen and not a tanning oil that has no UV protection. Ensure to apply the sunscreen within about 20 minutes of exposure to the sun. A 30 SPF is strong enough to bar the UVA and UVB rays but let you get a tan.

5. Choose An Ideal Tanning Time

If you are looking to get a faster tan, you must note that the period between 12-3 pm is perfect for getting your tan. The sun is at its strongest during this period.

However, you must ensure to wear an SPF 30 as while the sun is at its strongest, it’s perilous to get your skin exposed to skin cancer.

If you have extraordinarily fair skin, consider tanning it in the morning or after 3 pm to steer clear of burning.

6. Use A Tan Accelerator

With the help of a tan accelerator, you can provide yourself the best tanning results in a short period. Make sure to get a tan accelerator that enhances your skin tan to a deeper, darker complexion faster. This way, you can be assured of better and longer results.

7. Exercise

Exercising is a convenient way of tanning your body while you are also toning your muscles. Working out stimulates the blood flow in the body and also keeps the skin moist. Exercising prepares the body to absorb the sun.

While exercising, the sun’s rays touch your body at an angle that gives you a more natural and sun-kissed look. This is not the case when you lie down on the beach to tan your body. So, hit the pool, do yoga, or play volleyball at the beach while the sun tans your skin.

Final Words

With just a few extra measures and a skincare routine, you can get a deeper tan as much as you like without burning. Tanned skin is the new norm, after all!

It would be best not to let your skin be overexposed to UV rays of the sun. Remember, you can get a tan best when you have healthier skin. So, if you want to keep your skin well moisturized and hydrated, drink plenty of water every day.

Following the tips mentioned above on getting a deep tan fast without burning, you are not much away from having that attractive look.

Get your skin tanned and flaunt it at that party tomorrow!