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  • Trish McEvoy

    “Debra is a goldmine of innovative tips and the latest theory, expertly separating fact from fiction. Readers will love getting to know her and her sage advice through the pages of her indispensable book."—Trish McEvoy, makeup artist

  • Sela Ward

    “I absolutely loved this very straightforward and informative guide to skin care. Dr. Jaliman provides excellent advice and tips on a wide variety of skin care topics from the best inexpensive products to describing the latest dermatological procedures.”—Sela Ward, actress

  • Vera Farmiga

    “Skin Rules is not just filled with useful tips everybody can use to have better skin - it has brand new information I hadn't seen before. Great little book!”—Vera Farmiga, actress

  • Ali McGraw

    "Debra Jaliman's clear and comprehensive book on skin care is refreshingly accessible, and as expert as we all know that she herself is.She has generously included the names of numerous, readily available products to help with the regimes she prescribes, and of course she has her own superb line of products, too. The overall message is that with proper, educated care and Debra's guidance, we can all have healthy, beautiful skin. This book is terrific."—Ali McGraw, actress

  • Barbara Taylor Bradford

    "I love this book! And so will every other woman who cares about the way she looks. Dr. Debra Jaliman has turned out a real gem, full of detailed information about the best products to use and lots of other useful tips about beauty in general. She also talks about the use of Botox and all kinds of different fillers. I have a great English skin and have always looked after it, but even I learned so much more from this leading NY Doctor. For instance, I now know to take biotin every day to help my nails and hair. I'll never again go shopping for skin products without a Debra Jaliman list. Skin Rules is clearly and authoritatively written. It is precise, informative and fills a real need."—Barbara Taylor Bradford, author of Playing The Game

  • Jana Klauer

    “For years, glamorous New Yorkers have sought out Dr. Jaliman to look their best. This book has great, useful and fun information!"—Jana Klauer, M.D., author of How the Rich Get Thin and The Park Avenue Nutritionist's Plan

  • Susan Ciminelli

    "All of my famous Hollywood clients go to Debra Jaliman to maintain their youthful appearance. She is down to earth and never kisses and tells. I love Skin Rules."—Susan Ciminelli, author of  The Ciminelli Solution: A 7-Day Plan for Radiant Skin

  • Donny Deutsch

    "If you care about your image, you should have Dr. Debra Jaliman on speed dial and a copy of Skin Rules always at hand."—Donny Deutsch, television personality, advertising executivem and author of Often Wrong, Never in Doubt

  • Katharine Ross

    "Skin Rules - very informative and easy to understand. This book should be required reading for all adolescents and anyone with skin problems. I was fortunate to have parents that taught me the "cardinal" rule of clear skin. I love that one doesn't have to go to the dermatologist or buy expensive creams for every outbreak."—Katharine Ross, actress

  • Olympia Dukakis

    “What a remarkable book – accessible, helpful and to the point!  Every woman should have it by her bed or at her desk.”—Olympia Dukakis, actress

  • Richard Kirshenbaum

    "Dr. Debra Jaliman has been my dermatologist for years. I can't say I look as pretty as she does --but I'm getting close. She's almost too good - for my own book cover, my publishers said I didn't look old enough in the photos. Thanks, Dr. J. You rule!"—Richard Kirshenbaum, author of Madboy: My Journey from Adboy to Adman

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