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Skin Rules is a short, concise, and practical instruction manual on how to attain beautiful skin and a more youthful appearance by Debra Jaliman, MD, a Fifth Avenue dermatologist with a large celebrity clientele. Many of the faces seen on TV and in movies depend on her to keep them looking youthful.

Skin Rules is distilled from Dr. Jaliman’s years as a top medical and cosmetic dermatologist in New York City and provides the same tips she gives her patients. Some of them are based on the latest research and technology; others seem very basic, but they are based on 25 years of experience and it is truly astounding how many people find them new and transformative. For example, Skin Rules discusses.

  • Cutting-edge alternatives to plastic surgery, such as radio frequency skin tightening, cool sculpting, and other technological breakthroughs that are increasingly used by dermatologists

  • How something as basic as washing your face the right way gives visible results in just a couple of days

  • Taking care of a wound or incision so it heals with minimal or no scarring

  • Specific drugstore and department store products Dr. Jaliman has tested and recommends

  • What works and what doesn’t for common skin conditions

This is the decade of dermatology, since more people are forgoing plastic surgery and getting Botox®, fillers and lasers instead. Plastic surgery is expensive, with risky, invasive procedures and lengthy recoveries. Dermatology uses the latest technologies and products to transform appearance and make people look much younger than their real age, with little or no downtime. More and more, people are intrigued about the possibilities. Skin Rules will answer all readers’ questions and open their eyes to intriguing new solutions.

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